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Once upon a time, camouflage meant buying clothes from military surplus stores and spray painting guns different colors to make them blend in with their surroundings. Now, camouflage patterns and the ways they are used are much more complex.

People who really care about their camouflage might only use one pattern or family of patterns, making sure that all of their gear looks the same down to the last detail.

Some hunters may like the look of real foliage, while others may prefer more modern computer designs. No matter what you choose, though, your camouflage should be good enough that you can’t be seen in the wild.

Good camouflage patterns do two important things: they hide your movements and make your shape look different.

When hunting turkeys and ducks, which are active at night and have good eyesight, you need guns that look like they belong in the woods. Check out five of the most interesting new camouflage designs for 2022.

1. Browning Ovix

The new Ovix camouflage from Browning for 2022 is a universal pattern that works well in most environments. Tan and khaki are the main colors, and greens, grays, and blacks are used to break up the shapes.

Even though this design doesn’t have the typical “sticks and leaves” look of digital patterns, it works well in high plains desert, alpine, and prairie settings. I was shocked by the camouflage because it looked just like the way light was scattered in the thick Maine forest.

New Camo Patterns

The Pahvant Pro jacket ($179.99) shown here is just one piece of technical gear from Browning’s new line that has the Ovix logo on it.

2. Eberlestock Dopple:Ganger Winter

Eberlestock is a company in Idaho that makes some of the best technical clothing, packs, and accessories for hunters. If you’re a serious outdoorsman, you’ve probably heard of them.

This manufacturer also makes camouflage patterns, like the Dopple:Ganger Mountain shown in the picture. The earthy greens and browns in the Dopple:Ganger Mountain color scheme look great almost anywhere.

For example, the Dopple:Ganger Mirage uses browns and even faint purples to help you blend into the sage of the high plains and other arid environments, while the Dopple:Ganger Skye uses large dark and light contrasts to effectively break up the human silhouette when skylined.

The Dopple:Ganger is now for sale at Eberlestock. Winter camouflage is made so that hunters can’t be seen in snowy places, whether they are hunting for small animals in the winter or light geese in the spring.

This design is on the company’s Large Reversible Rain Cover, which is a must-have for any hunter going into the great outdoors.

New Camo Patterns

3. Realtree MAX-7

Realtree wasn’t at this year’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas, but their latest camouflage, MAX-7, got a lot of attention. MAX-7 is meant to take the place of MAX-5, which was another popular option from Realtree but is no longer available.

To be different from its predecessor, the MAX-7 pattern has motifs that are darker and have more contrast. MAX-7 uses photos of plants instead of a series of patterns, but the result is the same: the human profile is hidden by a mix of bright and dark tones, making it impossible for the system to tell if the picture is of a person or not.

This is very important when hunting ducks and geese, which have sharp eyes and will fly away from anything strange. This is especially true as the season winds down and the birds are getting close to the end of their journey. The Maxus II shown here is one of Browning’s MAX-7 options.

4. Pnuma Caza

Another great brand of hunting gear is Pnuma Outdoors, which makes clothing, packs, bino harnesses, and more.

Their new universal Caza camo pattern works well in many different environments, and the quality of their gear and clothes is just as good as that of many more expensive brands.

Like Ovix, Caza is mostly tan and brown, which makes it a good choice for dry climates. Because of the large swaths of black, dark brown, and dark gray, this design is great for use in dense woods and woodlands.

When you buy Pnuma gear, you know you’re getting high-quality, technically-designed hunting clothes that can be used in almost any hunting environment. Here, Pnuma is wearing his Caza-patterned Pursuit pants.

New Camo Patterns

5. Kryptek Obskura

Kryptek’s Obskura camo patterns were inspired by the U.S. Army’s Camo Improvement Effort. They have parts that distort the wearer’s body lines and help them blend into a wide range of natural environments.

Obskura Transitional is the most versatile hunting pattern, and it works well with 70 percent of the world’s terrain. The colors were chosen to get the most out of the natural light that comes in from nearby objects.

Obskura Grom was made as a winter pattern for use in the snow based on what U.S. and Coalition Special Operations learned from testing.

New Camo Patterns

The new Obskura Nox pattern, which is based on the older Typhon pattern, gives police and anti-terrorism groups a surprising new tactical option. It was not made for hunting, though. The Kryptek Koldo rain pants in the Obskura Transitional style.

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