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I’ll explain why some rifles are good for bear country after we’ve talked about what people have different ideas about in that area. There are two main ways of thinking about it.

One choice is to bring along a huge gun that can do a lot of damage. Some people think that most encounters with bears happen when they are close by.

This means you only have one or two chances, so you should take advantage of them. Most of the time, a large-bore revolver is the “best” choice for these people.

The other point of view is that you should get a bear gun that can fire a lot of shots in a short amount of time.

They think you should shoot several small wounds instead of one big one, and you should use whatever gun makes you feel the most comfortable.

This line of thinking comes from the idea that a lot of people get too tense when they have to use a pistol by a person who isn’t very good with guns.

There is some truth to what both sides say about how to choose a gun that can be kept hidden.

There are definitely choices I wouldn’t suggest. I’m not limiting myself to rounds with little power here. Both the.25 ACP and the.22 LR.

Hollow-point bullets can’t be used in any gun, not even the common 9mm Luger.

Bears have much thicker skin, bones, and areas around their vital organs than people do, so attacks on people are much less likely to be successful.

If you have to use a 9 mm in bear country, use heavy for caliber, truncated cone/wide meplat hard-cast bullets.

Even worse, a bear’s vital organs are at least 18 inches away from its skin, making these bullets useless.

They might not be able to support their whole body weight if they fall, but their bones will still be hurt more. It could do a lot more damage than a projectile with a JHP, JSP, or FMJ.

Large-Bore Revolvers:

1. Smith And Wesson 460V

Smith & Wesson says that their new large caliber revolver is the most versatile of its kind. The gain-twist barrel is five inches long, which is the perfect length between speed and portability.

The cylinder can hold cartridges with calibers of.460 S&W,.454 Casull, and.45 Colt. The shooter can improve their hand-to-hand fighting skills without spending a lot of money.

When practicing, it’s nice to have a bullet whose recoil is more than 50% less than that of other calibers..45 Colt rounds definitely fit this description. Shooting 100 rounds of.45 Colt in a day is a fun thing to do that will also help you deal with opponents who aren’t as tough.

Handguns for Bear Country

The.454 Casull is a big improvement over the.44 Magnum, which was the best until recently. Because it stops better than earlier versions of this platform, the.460 is a big step up.

But its muzzle blast and recoil are much worse than those of the.454 Casull.

Force of agreement.

Due to its large size and heavy construction, a 45 Colt shot from this revolver feels like a.380 ACP shot from a full-sized pistol.

The pistol is made of stainless steel for the frame and cylinder, and it can hold five rounds. It weighs only 61 ounces when it’s not loaded. This is because the barrel is light and has vents that make the felt recoil less.

2. Ruger Super Redhawk – .454 Casull

This Ruger revolver is so strong that it is the only handgun that can safely fire several types of high-pressure ammunition. This revolver’s five-inch model is my favorite, just like the Smith was for me.

The gunpowder is put to good use, and the tool that comes out of it is useful. Either the high-pressure or the regular kind can be used. Use this ammo for a 45 Colt.

Even though the average of.454 Casull is higher, this is still a lot better than the mean.

rounds for a 45 Colt pistol.

Stressed out the same way as everyone else.

When fired from a full-size GLOCK, a 45 Colt bullet will bounce like a mild to moderate 9mm.

The cylinder and frame are made of stainless steel. It is not portable, holds six rounds, and weighs 47 ounces when empty.

3. Taurus Raging Judge – .454 Casull

It’s well known that the Taurus is a lot cheaper than other high-end cars that are similar. The Raging Judge may work great in normal situations. You can also use 454 Casull instead of or along with 45 Colt.

You can use them to protect yourself from bears, and they come in two sizes: 5.5 inches and 5.5 inches. Both have holes at the top to reduce recoil and muzzle rise.

Handguns for Bear Country

Up to the same level as the Ruger,.

45 Colt rounds will feel the same in a full-size GLOCK or M&P as a light 9mm.

Its frame and cylinder are made of stainless steel, and it can hold five rounds. Its unloaded weight is either 51 oz (five inches) or 53 oz (6.5 inches).

4. Smith And Wesson Model 29 – .44 Magnum

Since the Smith has been made for at least 50 years, there are a lot of different versions to choose from. Any barrel length between 5.5 and 6.5 inches will work, but I prefer 5.5 inches.

Even with the right holster, you might still use up a lot of powder and get to this distance very quickly.

By switching to a.44 magnum, you’ll lose some power but gain control and (often) an extra shot.

Just like with the more powerful rounds we talked about earlier, how the bullet is made is important. A JHP or JSP cannot go deep or break through strong bones because of how they are made.

Use this tried-and-true bear gun to get rid of those pesky bears for good.

The frame and cylinder are both made of stainless steel, and you can choose between a barrel with or without ports.

Caliber Projectile Velocity at the Muzzle

Power should be held back.

CaliberProjectile WeightVelocityMuzzle Energy
.45 Colt225-Grain HC960 fps460 ft/lbs
.45 Colt255-Grain HC860 fps410 ft/lbs
.45 Colt300-Grain HCGC1250 fps1090 ft/lbs
.44 Magnum270-Grain LFNGC1475 fps1160 ft/lbs
.44 Magnum340-Grain HC-FN1425 fps1530 ft/lbs
.454 Casull300-Grain WFNGC1650 fps1820 ft/lbs
.454 Casull335-Grain WFNGC1600 fps1920 ft/lbs
.454 Casull360-Grain WFNGC1500 fps1800 ft/lbs
.454 Casull400-Grain WFNGC1400 fps1740 ft/lbs
.460 S&W260-Grain FNHC2000 fps2300 ft/lbs
.460 S&W300-Grain FNHC2060 fps2820 ft/lbs
.460 S&W360-Grain FNHC1900 fps2860 ft/lbs

Semi-Auto Pistols

When you switch to a semiautomatic bear rifle, its power is greatly reduced. There is also a significant rise in capacity.

Even though I agree with the idea that you’ll only fire two or three shots at a bear at most, I can see why you wouldn’t want to spend more than $1,200 on a bear gun.

Let’s be honest: this gun isn’t good for much besides hunting bears and showing off. Here are the two most common (and correct) ways to say it.

Keep in mind that I’ve only touched on a few examples; the ones I’ve highlighted are among the most common.

5. GLOCK 20/40 MOS

These two guns are pretty much the same. Unlike the full-size GLOCK 20, the GLOCK 40 is a long-slide 10mm Auto that can be fitted with an optic.

The longer drop in the 40s is what makes me decide. The 6.02-inch barrel increases speed and reduces felt recoil to some extent.

Handguns for Bear Country

The extra 1.41 inches of barrel make it somewhat slower to draw, but I generally prefer pistols with longer slides. It’s also great to have a scope on the 40.

Most people can find the dot much faster than they can line up their sights under stress.

This information could help you decide if you need two rounds and where to aim the first one. This is a great option for a semiautomatic bear gun.

From what I know, GLOCK also makes a 29 (subcompact 10mm). It’s not a good idea to face a mad bear with a gun that most people have trouble firing.

Non-portable, 15+1 capacity, polymer frame, 30.69 oz (G20) or 35.45 oz mag capacity (G40).

6. .460 Rowland Conversions

The.460 Rowland Conversion works with the GLOCK 21, 1911s with a five- or six-inch slide, and the Springfield XDM.

These are the numbers for a.45 ACP round that has been loaded 10 times as much as usual (from around 20,000 to 40,000 PSI).

Compared to the standard, this round packs nearly twice as much of a punch with to the 255-grain hard-cast bullet. 45 Automatic Colt Pistols, but now they are 50% faster.

The force of a 5-inch barrel is just under 1000 foot-pounds, which is dangerously close.

Strong enough to match the power of the.44 Magnum. When you use a barrel that is six inches in diameter, your force can go up by up to 100 foot-pounds.

The 1911 with an aftermarket mag can hold 50 more rounds than a.44 Magnum revolver. The GLOCK and Springfield can carry more than twice as many rounds (13 and 14, respectively), but neither can carry as many as a.45 ACP.

Caliber Velocity of the Bullet at the Muzzle

CaliberProjectile WeightVelocityMuzzle Energy
10mm Auto200-Grain WFNGC1300 fps735 ft/lbs
10mm Auto230-Grain WFNGC1120 fps641 ft/lbs
.460 Rowland255-Grain HC-FN1300 fps960 ft/lbs

Not 9mm, but If You Do…

If you really must carry your GLOCK, Smith, H&K,… 9mm Luger into bear habitat, be sure to only bring heavy for caliber bullets like Seismic Ammunition.

Seismic has a 9mm cartridge with 185 grains. The force behind it makes it more likely that it will go through even the strongest bear bones and hurt them.

How big the bullet is Weight of the bullet How fast the muzzle is moving

CaliberProjectile WeightVelocityMuzzle Energy
9mm Luger124-Grain HC1125 fps330 ft/lbs
9mm Luger147-Grain HC975 fps310 ft/lbs
9mm Luger185-Grain Seismic950 fps380 ft/lbs

Remember that the 124-grain bullet moves faster than the 147-grain bullet, but it loses energy faster when it hits tissue with more resistance.

Most of the time, the 147-grain bullet may be able to go deeper and break bones that are harder to break. Even though it is made to spread out, the 185-grain bullet should be able to penetrate at least as well as the 147-grain HC.

Handguns for Bear Country

If you add another 38 grains of mass, you might be able to slow down the expansion drag and make a bigger path through the incision.

The.380 ft./lbs. isn’t even close to being on par with.45 Colt loads, but if you want to be outgunned, it might be your best choice.

Conclusion: Best Bear Country Guns

When you run into a bear in its territory, it’s like running into someone with a gun in their pocket. Even though it’s unlikely you’ll ever need to fire your gun, you’ll want to have it ready to go quickly so you can end the threat.

I wouldn’t suggest carrying a 9mm in bear country any more than I would suggest carrying a.

22 LR. It’s better than doing nothing, but it’s more likely that you’re doing it out of pride than because you’re really ready.

What should you do before going into an area where bears live? Why? Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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