Top 10 Lever-Action Rifle Cartridges – Updated

Lever-Action Rifle Cartridges

The lever-action is the most American gun there is. Since the Civil War, it has stood for the pioneering and cowboy spirit, and people all over the world know it as an iconic American gun. Even though lever guns are mostly thought of as old-fashioned rifles with limited range and power, many smart hunters still … Read more

Head to Head: .22 Nosler vs. .224 Valkyrie – 3 Facts

.22 Nosler vs. .224 Valkyrie

The 22 centerfires of the 21st century are nothing like those of the 20th century, which is a good thing. Compared to the “varmint classics” of the last century, bullets are getting longer and heavier, twist rates are getting faster, and long-range performance is getting better. You might think that our fastest 22 centerfires, like … Read more

Best Bows For 2022 – 9 Types You Must Try

best bows for 2017

This year’s Archery Trade Association show in Indianapolis did not let down bowhunters. These brand-new compound bows stood out to us at the trade show. Hoyt Double XL Too long, manufacturers have ignored long-draw bows and instead focused on the more profitable 25- to 30-inch draw length range. People with long arms and legs find … Read more

Top 15 Movies for Hunters You Should Watch

hunting movies

Even though the movies being talked about at the 89th Academy Awards probably won’t help us much, we can still keep the great hunting spirit alive by watching movies about hunters who are heroes. Movies with hunters in them are good for you and your family, and they also show Hollywood that these kinds of … Read more

Best 7 Compound Bows of 2022 – Updated

best compound bows

We didn’t have to wait until spring to put the newest bows through their paces for the 2022 Field & Stream flagship test. Instead, we were able to get test models in late autumn, before many of them were available to the public. We had more time, so we could practice shooting them, test them … Read more

22-250 vs. .223: 11 Different Things You Must Know

22-250 vs. .223

When varmint hunting or getting rid of coyotes comes up in shooting forums or at gun shops, the debate over 223 vs. 22-250 quickly heats up. You can’t go wrong with either of these two centerfire rifle cartridges, which are usually used to kill furry pests from a long distance. Even though both the 223 … Read more

Gun Review: Henry Long Ranger .308 Rifle – 5 Facts

henry long ranger review

In this blog we are sharing our thoughts on the Henry Long Ranger.308 rifle. The Henry Long rifle is a quality rifle built for both recreational and competitive shooting.  Henry Long Ranger Review When Henry Repeating Arms came out with their box-fed lever-action Long Ranger line, I asked for a.308 Winchester Long Ranger to test. … Read more