Head to Head: .270 Winchester vs. .280 Remington – 3 Facts

.270 Winchester vs. .280 Remington

The fight between the children born in 1996 has begun. The 30–06 Springfield has a lot of offspring, from 22-caliber wildcats to 40-calibers, but the ones with medium calibres have done the best. Our 257-inch to 338-inch calibres have worked well for decades, but deer hunters like the 277-inch, 7-millimeter, and 308-inch calibres. But which … Read more

How to Skin and Gut a Rabbit In 30s? 7 Easy Steps

Skin and Gut a Rabbit

Rabbits are a fit, healthy, and clean source of protein. They don’t have as much cholesterol as beef, chicken, or pork, and they don’t get antibiotics or hormones as often. Rabbits eat fresh greens all year and have babies quickly. It’s easy to dress and cut up a rabbit as long as you pay attention … Read more