444 Marlin VS 45-70 Ballistics – 6 Facts You Need To Know

The best hunting cartridge is very situational and depends on a lot of different things. Both the 45-70 Government and the 444 Marlin are great cartridges for hunting medium to large animals.

444 Marlin VS 45-70 Ballistics

When a 265-grain bullet is shot from a 24″ barrel at 160 yards with a 444 Marlin, the muzzle speed is 2,325 feet per second, and 3,181 pounds-feet of energy are released.

At 100 yards, a bullet’s speed is 1,971 miles per hour, and its energy is 2,286 pounds. The 45-70 GOVT has a muzzle speed of 2,050 feet per second and 3,033 pounds of energy from a 24″ barrel and a 325 grain bullet at 142 yards.

444 Marlin VS 45-70 Ballistics

At 100 yards, the speed slows down to 1,730 feet per second, and the energy drops to 2,159 pounds per foot.

444 Marlin VS 45-70 Trajectory

Overall, the 444 is flatter and has less of a dip when it comes to shooting. When you are farther away, say 150 yards, you will start to see a big difference between the two.

With a 24″ barrel, the 265-grain 444 Marlin has a 3.5″ drop at 200 yards. The.45-70 has a 6.5″ drop with a 24″ barrel and 325 grain bullet.

Because of this, the 444 has a flatter trajectory at medium and long ranges. In this ballistics test, the fact that the projectile sizes are too big for both calibers is also not taken into account.

To be more specific, this is one of the biggest 444 Marlin bullets on the market and one of the smallest 45-70 bullets. In other words, the bigger the better. Like the original 405 grain, projectiles that weigh between 45 and 70 grains fall much faster.

444 Marlin VS .45-70 Recoil

Recoil is notoriously hard to predict because it depends on things that aren’t controlled by the cartridges. When the shot breaks, the way a rifle feels can change a lot.

444 Marlin VS 45-70 Ballistics

Recoil will feel different to different people depending on things like the size and weight of the rifle, the size and weight of the bullet, and whether or not there are rifle recoil pads.

People also tend to think that a bigger projectile will have a bigger force of recoil. More than the 405 grain PPU, the 325 grain FTX from the Henry.45-70 rifle test hurt my shoulder.

.45-70 VS 444 Marlin Ballistics Chart

Here is a shorter version of the ballistics chart we’ve been using to explain each size of cartridge.

45-70 GOVT 325 GR2,0503,0331,7302,159-6.5″
444 Marlin 265 GR2,3253,1811,9712,286-3.5″

Here you can also find the 444 Marlin and the.45-70, as well as more information and more detailed ballistics charts.

.45-70 History and Use

Here is a short and vague history of the.

Ammunition for a Government 45-70 rifle. The links above will take you to other places where you can find information.

The 45-70 is a versatile rifle that can be used all over North America to hunt everything from small birds to big deer. It’s a popular way to hunt hogs in Texas.

This cartridge, which was first made in 1873 and given the official name 45-70-405, was made for use in the military, which is why it ends in “govt.”

The 45 is the bullet’s caliber, the 70 is the weight in grains of the bullet’s propellant, and the 405 is the weight in grains of the bullet when it was made.

We recommend that you use snap caps like the ones you can find on Amazon to practice shooting at targets with your rifle.

444 Marlin History and Use

The 444 Marlin cartridge, on the other hand, was first made by Remington and Marlin in 1964. This makes it a much more recent cartridge.

444 Marlin VS 45-70 Ballistics

The 444 Marlin is up to the challenge of hunting anything in North America, from small animals to big game.

444 Marlin VS 45-70 Gov – Which is Better?

Even though my go-to cartridge is the.45-70 Gov, the 444 Marlin has the advantage of shooting flatter and being easier to fire. You can choose what to do, but I think either choice is a good bet.

When choosing a rifle cartridge, think about how much it will cost and how easy it will be to get.

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